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The 501st Legion is an official worldwide Star Wars costuming organization with thousands of members all over the globe. Their mission of hope, charity and love is unified by all whom belong and dedicate their precious time and resources. Doing Good for Others!

The 501st Legion has thousands of different patches cataloged in their private database accessible only to members. These special patches are worn and traded between thousands of members across the globe and used in most costumes and charity events. Prized highly, these well thought-out pieces of Star Wars history are truly hard to acquire.

501st Legion patches are considered extremely hard to obtain if not a member. Most patches from the 501st Legion have extremely low production run numbers.
This makes tracking down that particular patch extremely difficult.

Note: The 501st organization expressly forbids selling or trading patches outside of the group and violations could result in expulsion from the organization. Online auctions are monitored and in the past have been removed at the 501st Legion’s request. Good luck in your search for any of these patches, for on the secondary market they are very scarce and impossible to acquire.

Garrison - Outpost & Squad

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