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The Star Wars Collecting Universe Is A Big Place & Within It Are Hundreds Of Collecting Subcultures, Genres & Mini Niches. But None Compare To That Of Star Wars Patch Collecting.

An inherent piece of memorabilia (considered art) that can stay with you for an entire lifetime. Star Wars patches are made and traded all over the world and are created for many reasons; fan appreciation, charitable events, conventions, specific collector groups, organizations and costuming.

This site was created to give passionate Star Wars Patch Collectors a visual checklist to search and exchange information about Star Wars related patches. Here you will see an enormous range of Star Wars related patches from the most common to the highly sought after to the rarest of the rare.

Star Wars patch collecting moves at lightning speed, with little or no documentation. Some patches are produced in small batches of less than 50 and distributed at small events and are truly hard to acquire. Some are more common and produced in large numbers with easy distribution.

Keeping track of this evolving hobby can be very overwhelming, time consuming and expensive. Included in this collective visual body of work are included over 6000 examples of Star Wars related patches. This collection includes hundreds of patches from the 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, Boy Scouts of America, Star Wars Events, Charity Events, Star Wars Collector Groups, Star Wars Memorial Patches and even Star Wars Oversized Patches. This website has them all.

Please enjoy my 40 year Star Wars patch collection!  The content offered here is an extremely valuable resource to collectors and patch enthusiasts. Whether you are just starting out, or a veteran collector, this is the place for you.


  • The-Thread.Net Exclusive Patch Rating System, Where All Patches Are Rated On Rarity and Scarcity
  • Complete Visual Access to an On-Going 40 Year Collection With Over 6000 Star Wars Related Patches
  • Information, Stats and Research about 6000 Cataloged Patches